Short reports are usually informal reports. Generally, these reports serve current needs and tend to have a limited readership. They tend to be between one and five single-spaced pages (ten double-spaced). They also tend to express a first person point of view. They use a personal style — we and you and a familiar vocabulary that conveys informality. They are often formatted for internal and external use.Memo-ReportsMost informal reports follow the memo or letter format and are referred to as memo-reports and letter-reports. Use the memo-report format when writing internal or external communications about routine operations and familiar subject matter. Use it to inform colleagues about recent experiences — field trips, meetings, and seminars, and to report on achievements.Write a memo-report when you want to file a record of a decision, a transaction, a meeting, or a proposal. Any subject that needs documentation can be developed as a memo-report: new procedures and policies, background information for sales staff, new marketing strategies, and so on.

Harassment has been an issue in the work force and in many other fields for decades, leading all the way back up to 1964. The United States Congress passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, prohibiting discrimination at work on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin and sex. There are many different types of harassment that many do not even know that they can be accused for. Through out my research I will be naming every type of harassment and presenting an article for each topic.One form of harassment that is very common at a young age is bullying. Bullying is occurred manly at school, on the playground but it is also seen in the workforce. To many people bullying is the cause to harassment in the future. By not stopping and putting an end to bullying when people are young may lead to worse things in the future.Physiological harassment is a common type of harassment. This is usually best described as when you bring down ones self esteem.

 Of Mice And Men Creative Writing EssayThe early morning dew on the grass sparkled in the sunlight as it rose from behind the Gabilian mountains. The town of weed was silent, desolate and all you could hear was the flow of the river which was gushing in between the fresh green willows of the Salinas River. The mist was so fine all you could see was the top of the Gabilian Mountains. On the other side of the Salinas River slight dew glistened on the grass, of which there were branches overhanging the green murky pool.    On the sandy bank there lay beneath the trees of which had leaves that were brittle from the sunlight. They would make a scurrying noise when the leaves are walked over. Rabbits leap and bound out from their warrens, full of energy from their sleep, going to sit on the golden sand. As the morning became brighter and more alive the wildlife came to arose from the dark to start a fresh new day.

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